On Seaveo.com you will find the most beautiful properties, holiday houses, apartments, hotels, yachts & boats with breathtaking sea views. Your life at the sea!

Seaveo.com: Dalmatien: Urlaub am Meer
Seaveo.com: Holiday offers by the sea

Holiday with sea view

“We love the sea! For over 30 years, every holiday has been connected to a holiday house, a holiday apartment or a hotel by the sea, if possible with unobstructed and free sea view. What is more beautiful than starting in the day? We show you the best options for holidays with sea view, “said David Maria Redford, founder of Seaveo.com.

“The idea behind the idea was very simple for us, we always look for something like this right next to the sea, but the correct and good tips are often not The hotel is not too far from the sea, the hotel has no sea view, the holiday house is not directly on the beach or simply the “WOW effect” is missing, which is exactly what we want to change with Seaveo.com!

Seaveo.com presents holiday apartments, apartments, villas and hotels with sea view in Germany, Denmark, Croatia, Spain, Italy or France. “And not that 8 or 15 kilometers from the sea coast, but very close to the sea, if possible in the best beach location, with unobstructed and free sea view!”

Immobilien mit Meerblick: Panorama Aussicht auf das Meer Real estate with sea view: Panoramic view of the sea

Property with sea view

“If you like to have a holiday, or have the dream to live and work at sea, you will soon find what you are looking for. Buy or rent at sea? We present current properties with sea view: apartments, apartments, houses, villas and lofts by the sea “, says Holger Ballwanz, CMO of Seaveo.com and specialized real estate broker for seaside properties.

And the highlight: On request the team of Seaveo.com also goes on the search for the dream property with sea view!

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