Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol, on the German sun coast, is a coastal section in southern Spain, in the region of Andalusia and the province of Malaga. It stretches in the west of Marbella (the resort where the fancy of Europe meets) to the east to Nerja. The coastal section is 160 km long and offers paradise conditions 365 days a year. After all, the sun also appears there 320 days a year.

There is no boredom on the Costa del Sol

It can never be boring on the Costa del Sol, because the beaches offer countless leisure and water sports activities. Whether snorkeling, surfing, water skiing or jet skiing, on the sun coast there is something for everyone. There are also 11 sports harbors with 4,500 jetties.

Even for the active holidaymakers, who do not just want to swim, there is plenty to do on the Costa del Sol. Whether cycling, hiking, horseback riding, the region offers numerous excursion destinations and a beautiful hinterland with unspoiled nature. The temperament, the passion and the hospitality of the Spaniards and their country can be enjoyed to the full.

Beaches as far as the eye can see

The Costa del Sol is known all over the world. Also for their ellenlangen sand beaches, which provide enough space for every vacationer and also for the locals. Among the most beautiful beaches are:

Playa de Los Monteros
Playa del Faro
Los Biloches Beach

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